It’s important to us that East Rock House remains a community space that is accessible to all and that community members feel safe at our events. If you have feedback for us that you’d like to leave anonymously, please do so here. If you would like to discuss anything directly, please reach out to us at so we can respond to any concerns. 


This could include: 


  • If someone who has abused, assaulted, harassed you or otherwise caused you personal harm is an artist, musician, or vendor at our events

  • If anyone at one of our events has made you feel unsafe, particularly because of your identity

  • If you witnessed an interaction or microaggression that you would like to bring to our attention

  • If you have concerns about one of the East Rock House organizers or how we function as a community organization 


We believe that community spaces function best when there is full transparency and community accountability. We take your feedback seriously and will keep striving to ensure that East Rock House remains a space that is safe and accessible for all. 

Thank you for letting us know. We value your safety and appreciate you coming forward. We will work to ensure you feel safer at the next event.